Curse Of The Crimson Throne Pathfinder

Blood & Fish guts

The Holy Book of Spiral Bones

[After the room has been made safe and the group is settling in for the night]

Sitting at the desk with the glow of a small candle, Bamil has an iron framed book open as he turns pages with care. With careful deliberation Bamil scribes new arcane evocations into his holy text. The tapping of quill on ceramic pot is frequent as the scratches of goose quill slowly fade each time to begin anew.

After several hours Bamil closes the book reverantly and whispers quiet prayers while holding his silver scarab beetle amulet in his hands. A fresh layer of dirty ash has been applied to his face with the spiral of the Lady of Graves drawn on his forehead, yet he seems at peace for once.

A fading azure glow can be seen coming from the holy text when Bamil snuffs out the candle and packs his gear away.

As Bamil rolls out his bedroll in the corner near the wall opposite the door, he thinks to himself about his mission now that Gaedren Lamm has been dealt with. Is this group suitable to assist me in completing this vital task? Time will tell.

Bamil places a small piece of the fortune tellers Cheliaxian bread on his bedroll for his friend to enjoy tonight and lays his head down to sleep.

[Crawling along the edges of the room is a small plump brown water rat that makes it way to Bamil's bedroll and nestles in for the night]

Muttering to the rat, "Well, what have you been up to my friend? Any news of the streets?"

[The rat doesn't answer and chews the bread quickly]


[Waking up the next morning to a quiet room with seaside sounds and four strangers in a crimelords hideout]

Bamil sits up and checks that the holy text and his equipment is still there with him. Looking around the room to the strangers he met yesterday evening, he wonders where this road will take him.

Still, it is better than festering in place like he was when trying to find Lamm. Testing the draw on his new longbow, which was just taller than him, he felt more able to defend himself than the sling did.

Seeing the large opening in the centre of the room, it reminded Bamil that there is work to be done if this is to be secure from the criminals and worse that live in Korvosa. I remember one of the other students talking about spells that would do nicely, some alarm and warding spells should be purchased if available.

[Thinking of spells prompted Bamil to reflect on the deadly fights yesterday and probably more today that Lamm has been killed by this group]

Bamil sits up and leans against the wall to study his book and prepare spells that will be useful in todays events. The burst of color spell was very handy, and he was glad to have ignored the other students who learnt the enchantments and charms while laughing at him for his choice.

Turning the pages slowly, Bamil is pleased to see that the adrenalin and spell combat yesterday helped him remember some other spells he had forget he had been taught. Though he did feel a calming presence flow through him after finally catching Lamm here, maybe the gods pay more attention to the little folk than his mentors believed.

Just in case, Bamil rotely muttered a quick prayer to the lady of graves and lord of battles. It couldn’t hurt after all to have the gods on your side each day.

With some of the blood stains still visible on the stone floor, Bamil focuses his mind to begin preparing his spell incantations for the new day.

Blood & Fish guts

[After studying his holy text Bamil prepares for the first day of his new life as a hunter of the Order. Closing the chapter on his life as a student of the Hall of Lies means full commitment to the Order that has been a part of his family for centuries]

Bamil throws his tattered Acadame clothing in a pile near him as he straps on Gaedren’s padded armor and belts the quiver on for the longbow. Those observing Bamil see that he has been trained in wearing armor and using the longbow by his effortless manner in preparation, which is not common training for a wizard schooled in arcane arts.

Standing at his 4 and half feet the longbow is slightly taller than him, but he compensates by tilting the longbow 45 degrees to the side while drawing the arrow back. He is unable to draw the string back more than halfway, his muscles straining, as it was made for a strong half-orc named Giggles and not for a halfing.

However, the 3’ long arrows are still capable of killing a person as seen by Bamils test shots thunking into the barrel at the other side of the room.

Throwing his green cloak over his shoulder and oiling his blond hair into some semblance of tidiness, it transforms the mage into some sort of militiaman or caravan guide for those that don’t know Bamil.

Once Bamil has finished his daily preparation, the last thing he does is to set fire to the old clothes and he watches them burn to ash. Once the ash cools, Bamil scoops the ash into a small leather pouch on ties it to his belt.

Blood & Fish guts

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