Curse Of The Crimson Throne Pathfinder

Contagion of Bloody Streets

Vampires beneath the city

[It has been several days since the heroes have killed the group of Derro led by the necromancer known as Vreeg. The horror of seeing an elvish vampire spawn in the crypts has complicated the sudden plague spreading in Korvosa.]

A figure wearing a brown hooded traveling cloak is walking quickly among the tombstones in the Grey Ward carrying a dark blue bound tome under his right arm. Dark leather armor is seen beneath the cloak as he moves to enter a large mausoleum guarded by two rugged warriors.

Bamil has spent hours passing on all what he and the ratpack have witnessed this last tenday to the Ordained members of the Spires.

Their fears have come to pass and looks like hidden hands are making a play for control of the city. History shows that vampires will often nest in the dark while feeding off the people above like cattle. It is probable that they are working with the fanatics of the Pallid Princess who have released a plague to cause chaos that breaks the guard force here.

Unfortunately the Order do not have enough trained hunters in the city to help. They have sent runners to get assistance, however with the quarantine it is possible that the runners may not reach help in time. The Pack Master instructs Bamil that it is his mission to destroy this vampire count and prevent the church of Urgotha from reaching their goals in Korvosa.

Bamil thinks on the other colleagues and the capability demonstrated recently.

Bamil lowers to one knee "I accept Master, and will utilise my new colleagues to find and destroy the hidden cult of the rotting one."

The Order disbands and Bamil vanishes from view as he steps into the graveyard. A fast walk to the markets for supplies and then to his workshop to study Vreeg's arcane tome of spells. A part of Bamil is joyous at the potential power of 8th and 7th Order spells scribed within.

Another part of him twitches nervously as the glimpse of the tome showed symbols in necril, a school that he is prohibited from using. Deep in thought Bamil arrives at the workshop and places the tome on his desk while hanging the cloak up near the door.

Leaning over the deep blue leather skinned tome and smelling the earthy odour of mushrooms and old blood emanating from the parchment. The shadows of the torches play across the masterwork black leather armor recently made for Bamil. Strong leather bands form the collar and shoulder joins to connect the treated darkleaf cloth with brass studs.

Thinking back to the dire need of the Order and fate of Korvosa resting in his hands, Bamil opens the tome and takes up an inkpot for scribing.

"My Order has taught me to use all the tools at hand to destroy undead. There is no good or evil, there is just life in the natural order and the unaturalness of undeath."

The hours crawl past as Bamil tries to learn the banned symbols and strange rituals and be able to cast Vreeg's spells.




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