Curse Of The Crimson Throne Pathfinder

Giants do scream

Flashes of sparks as dwarven crafted steel weapons block the orc greataxes deep inside carved mountain tunnels. The steady steps of each dwarven forge warden demonstrates their purpose to defend the forge with their lives.

In the darkness the small group of dwarves, wearing breastplate, and using hammers and axes to hold the line. the yells and threats from the horde of orcs increases as a hill giant pushes through towards the dwarf warriors.

The hill giant has been whipped and heavy scarred with a crude iron slave collar linked to a rusty chain held by the Orc leader, a massive mountain orc warrior. The hill giant is not armed but lashes out with fists the size of giant boars to pummel a veteran warden into the ground.

From behind the line of dwarves a steady tempo of a heavy dwarf running in plate armor is heard running towards the giant. A strong command to 'push shields' results in a sloping ramp of dwarven shields to assemble.

From the tunnel a dwarf wearing master worked full plate armor and steel shield charges up the shield ramp to launch himself at the hill giant. As he arcs through the air, the carved face of his ancestor is seen on the full helm's faceplate. Dark brown eyes stare out fixed on the hill giants knee.

Swinging up and from behind his shoulder is a dwarven war axe aimed to strike right above the giants left knee. More than 200lbs of weighty dwarf powers the axe to chisel right through the giants leg with a meaty thud.

The giants eyes roll up in extreme pain as the leg is barely hanging on with ligaments. The nearby orcs involuntarily suck in large gulps of air, impressed with the dwarves strike. Some look to their leader as if ready to run.

The dwarf lands balanced on both feet just behind the critically wounded giant. Using the momentum of his charge, the dwarf places one foot behind the other setting up for the 'thrasher' move taught by his father.

The waraxe continues swiping around throwing giant blood on the tunnel walls as it cleaves upwards taking the lower jaw completely off the orc leader.

At this horrific injury the orcs turn and ran, their desire to claim the forge now broken.

The other dwarves quickly spread out and killed the wounded giant and orc leader as the leather boots of running orcs fade down the tunnels.

Standing up and wiping his war axe, the heavily armored warrior lifts his faceplate, showing a short bushy brown beard hiding a smile. It is only now the youth of this mighty warrior is obvious, he is still a child by the dwarven traditions.



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