Curse Of The Crimson Throne Pathfinder

It was only yesterday!

[Bamil leaves the interrogation room and heads to the barracks area that are their lodging tonight]

Bamil lays out the collection of valuables he has earned as his share over the last two days. Looking at the gold bars, small pile of jewellry, sachets of shiver, and golden sails grouped in fistfuls on the blanket he realises the depth of the last two days.

It was only yesterday that he found and killed Gaedren Lamm at the abandoned fishmongers in partnership with a barmaid, tinker, noble lady and young traveling monk. Back then he was living rough in the streets with a few pinch to his name after a year in the black prison of Korvosa accused of murder.

Before his arrest, he was training as an illusionist in a renowned Acadamae preparing for the day the Order called on him. Those days of study seem so long ago. Today he raided a butchery and captured a deserter from the Korvosian Guard while armed as the caravan guards that attend the merchant stalls. He has spent more time with blood than ink and cast more spells in battle now than all the time in the Acamadae. If only the tutors knew what they should teach their apprentices to be able to survive on the streets.

Seeing the wealth assembled in front of him, Bamil cannot believe that he possesses more wealth than his family held in five years, let alone just two days. What will I be, what will I see and what will i have done by the end of the week? Will I succumb to greed or one of the other sins from the past historical records. Will one of the ratpack become corrupted and be killed by my hand for doing so?

It is surprising that adventurers don't go mad with the daily events they face if the last two days of our journey is an indication. It would be wise to steel our minds and prepare for the dangers of the soul that we will surely face here in Korvosa.


[After securing all his valuables Bamil sets up his ink and quill in preparation for scribing the found scrolls into his holy text.]

Finding these spells was a good surprise and will help the ratpack increase their capability. Bamil reflects on the arcane abilities he has observed in the group to see who would benefit from these spells.

The ventriloquism and unseen servant spells are not practical in combat but the servant spell will be great to clean out the fishmongery. Between Toser and myself we can probably conjure a few of these servants to mop and fix the place up in a day.

Holding the third scroll up, now this is a rare find, I have heard of many practioners talking about the importance of having a secure extradimensional place to sleep. I also agree with this, however the rope trick spell poses its own problem, especially since I know that Yhrackin desired to carry a bag of holding with her.

Our texts are full of examples of the dangers in having one extradimensional object enter another. Since we are not sure exactly what the barmaid has in her possession at any time, it would be reckless to use this spell with her.

The spell will be useful though because I will be able to craft the bags or packs of holding using the key extradimensional holding geometry contained within the rope trick.

Once I have scribed these spells into my text I will scribe another scroll for the battles ahead, I think a burning hands spell set to a level 3 practioner should be very useful cleaning out nests of corruption.

It was only yesterday!

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