Curse Of The Crimson Throne Pathfinder

Justice will be served

Reflections at a fishmonger

[After the rush of struggle with Lamm and his criminal thugs in the abandoned fishmongers. The group of Lamm's victims rest in the lower rooms near the lapping ocean while the city alarm horns are sounding.]

After making sure that Toser is going to live, Bamil clears part of the desk away and sits down to think about what finding Lamm means for him. Watching the others go through the belongings of the newly dead thugs and room contents raises concerning thoughts.

Finding justice is one thing, but have I now become a looter of the dead and common burglar. How far have I fallen since Lamm accused me of murder. Can a follower and member of Pharasma even loot the dead, or is this taboo? I see that there are items here of significant value and wealth that would lift me from the slums of Korvosa.

Studying the others that risked their lives to find revenge I see a mixed pot of abilities and motivations that appeared to work well together when danger raised its head. I have never seen the fighting style and agility shown by Reggy before, even if he is naive to the ways of a city. It is not his fault he is only young by anyones standard and may learn to survive.

The priest will end up dead if she cannot see that having clean clothes is not worth her or our lives. Still that is her choice. She is the most promising one to aid me in the orders mission though and I should continue to work alongside her for a time.

I was surprised by the self taught summoner and his constructed entity, he is nothing like the conjurers from the Acamadae. At least he understands the arcane and we can understand each other. Maybe we can study together, since I no longer have access to the Hall of Lies library.

Looking across to the barmaid, who clearly is comfortable with killing helpless people and robbing them, I wonder what the hell she is doing here. Is she following me? I have seen her too many times in my search for Gaedren to be a coincidence. She will need watching.

Turning my attention to the small collection of valuables, I wonder if this is the direction of my life now. Fulfilling my mission requires funds and special items which means I need to earn serious coin. I must reflect on this and whether the lady of graves will permit me to steal from the dead.



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