Curse Of The Crimson Throne Pathfinder

My parent's murderer is dead!

Lamm is dead.  These people have been helpful, sometimes quite remarkable in their abilities and behaviour. Can I keep up my pretence? I have been a barmaid for so long, it is good to use the skills my father taught me. This city is going to the abyss. Can I trust a priestess to teach me the truth about Pharasma? Will the wizard show me how to stun my opponents with skill? That Monk is so much fun to fight alongside, although he does need encouragement and guidance. 

No one noticed my lack of reaction to the sudden awareness that Zalora is dead. Praise Pharasma that they didn't. We found some nice trinkets here. A nice crossbow, better than my sling.  We found a silve ring, my mother, Emmah, had a ring just like that one. The disguise kit will come in handy one day.  I wonder if there is anything hidden in this place?

oh yeah, I killed a crocodillo almost singlehandedly! 



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