Curse Of The Crimson Throne Pathfinder

Suspect ZERO

Hunting Korvosa's Serial Killer

[Sleeping inside the extra-dimensional space with the other ratpackers, created inside the musty crypts of Potters Ward.]

Bamil has just completed his prayer to the Lady of Graves at what he estimates is midnight when he reflects on the days events.

Climbing down the secret door into this old crypt the group found themselves in danger straight away. A furious fight with skeletons and an undead owlbear that resulted in a loose grenade thrown by the noble priestess blasting pieces of Tin-Tin.

Almost immediately the group saw the dead body parts and realised that they were in a room frequently by the city serial murderer, the son of Gaedren Lamm. Vengeance is coming soon to that sick man if the Lady is willing.

A small blue-skinned humanoid creature swept darkness over the group and ran into a filth piled catacomb that had a happy otyugh eating the legs of our missing Shoanti. A fierce battle took place with the otyugh tearing flesh and armor of Bamil with a single bite, while strangling Tin-Tin with huge spiky tentacles.

Blood, flames and shit flew everywhere in the close confines of the crypt until the final trumpet sounded. At the end, Tin-Tin was destroyed and Bamil seriously wounded.

Yhrackin had left the post battle actions and triggered some traps down the hall that sprayed acid in spurts. As the group rushed to see what the halfling had caused, two large skeletal snakes swayed and slithered aggressively at the group.

Grenades were thrown in the air as the groups final fight started.


[Lit by the pale blue light of glowing moss on the crypt walls surrounded by bloody body parts splayed on tables the heroes charged the skeletal snake creatures]

Yhrackin dodged through the acid traps to get out of the narrow corridor suddenly filled with two undead cobras with human skulls.

Bamil ran towards a sturdy table while throwing a grenade. A large rope of otyugh intestine was stepped on in his haste, resulting in a slipping fall onto his back with the grenade fumbled into the air above him. In panick Bamil laid there stunned as he caught the grenade to stop it going off from impact.

Reggy charged in to smash snake bones with his mithral cestus in a series of jabbing strikes. The two undead snakes had entered the main room and one started swaying to entrance some of the group.

Bone chips flew as a blast grenade detonated near both snakes and furious spellcasting drove burning flames constantly on both snakes.

The sounds of exploding bones and smell of sulphur echoed through the chamber as Reggy finally succumbed to the trance. In the smoke and splintered bones one of the snakes was still animated by powers of unlife, however it was not clear if any of the ratpack were still in the fight.

Swaying heroes standing defenceless could be seen right next to the unnatural human skulled snake. The sounds of battle had ceased.

The only sound left was the rattling of the partially destroyed skeletal snake moving towards the standing heroes.

Suspect ZERO

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