Curse Of The Crimson Throne Pathfinder

The Show must go on.

[To help keep trade flowing into the city, the ratpack were forced to fight as entertainment for the King of Spiders at Eels End. About midday and surrounded by gamblers, thugs, addicts and slumming nobles, the group kicked their plan into action to secure the evidence to blackmail the ambassador.]

Not having the 10,000 golden sails to buy the letters from the King of Spiders, the group move back to the pier and robustly discuss options. Options swung from killing snitches, sinking a warship to kill on onboard, and sneaking into a nest of spiders to steal the chest.

A solution was decided upon, less mad than the others, for some of the group to fight in the local game called "knives'es" that involved daggers and hot coins balanced on a table. To make it interesting the King set some new rules that included a mass group of two group members fighting against three experienced "knifers", two wererats, and the city champion.

Reggy volunteered quickly, as the young monk was confident he could handle a fight like this. However, the King demanded a second member to join in. The group all looked at each other and Bamil saw that as the tallest member left it was his duty to fight with Reggy.

Taking off his padded armor Bamil prepared for the fight by casting a grease and stone fist spell on himself and looking forward to hurting someone today. Having not used his spells before this day he knew that he would be forced to unleash his spells if they were to win. While preparing Bamil thanked Toser for the magical armor protecting his body in a glowing chain shirt and assured him that he was the best choice to enter the fight with Reggy.

Once Reggy and Bamil were standing on the large raised platform, Toser stayed in the crowds for magical support if needed. Yhrackin was nowhere to be seen, but she was capable and at half the crowds height it was easy to miss her anyway.

The countdown finished and Bamil sprung into action by sliding out his hands before anyone else had moved and threw a burst of coloured light across the wererat's, who were unaffected by the spell, to stun only one of the knifers.

Reggy didn't even bother to pull his hands out and shoulder charged one of the half orcs hard off the platform. He was an able fighter without his hands and courageous as known to the group watching him fight an Otyugh last night.

In the first round Bamil and Reggy had defeated two opponents already and witnessed one of the other knifers blinded with flour from the crowd.

Then things got real, very fast, as the champion picked up a dagger and sliced the blinded half orc across the neck nearly taking the head right off in one move. That orc was dead but didn't know it yet. The others starting surrounding Reggy as he moved to Bamil's side.

As one of the wererats scooped up coins, Bamil punched him hard in the shoulder with the stone fist, stepped back and swept waves of flame across the wererats trying to kill them before being bitten. One of the wererats hair and clothes caught fire but the other evaded the fires to bite Reggy, however missed with gnashing teeth only managing to scratch the fast moving monk with the rats yellow claws.

In response Reggy barged forward to shove the standing rat of the stage while the other one dropped to roll and put the flames out. Suddenly the fiery rat stopped rolling and the flames that had nearly gone out, burst into heat again until the rat stopped moving. The smell of burnt dog flowed across the crowd. In the crowd Toser was smiling as he noticed no one had seen his spell casting and thought ahead to the golden sails they would be winning at six to one odds.

Turning around Reggy saw the orc drop to the platform spraying coins with his blood as it squirted out of the neck wound. While the monk prepared to battle the local champion, which promised to be deadly as the champion moved the dagger with expertise.

Reggy heard Bamil speaking smoothly behind him and saw a flash of abject terror stretch the local champions face as Bamil stopped talking and pointed at the champion with a finger bone. The champion turned and ran into the crowd screaming about huge dream spiders chasing him.

Suddenly the only two left on the table was Reggy and Bamil. Standing near a orc bleeding out, a smoldering wererat, and coins rolling under foot, the heroes took a breath to realise it had only been a few seconds of fighting and the crowd had loved it.

Bamil faced Reggy yelling out to let him collect more coins so they could win the game and beat the wererats. The crowd went silent as Reggy jumped off the platform without explanation or waiting.

Everything stopped at the sudden self dismissal, while Reggy was looking at the stunned Toser and Bamil in brief shock. Bamil fell to his knees and scooped as many coins as possible until the whistle or whatever was used to signal the end went off. Bamil was declared the hero with a margin of 5 coins ahead of the wererat.

No matter, the King of Spiders was suitably impressed and the group attended his office for the letter he promised. All were feeling pretty flushed with victory and the chest full of coins won through gambling. No one had noticed that Yhrackin was still not with them.

That was when the group realised the cage was open, no drake to be seen and the smell of vermin repellant was still strong. No one moved, as they all watched the King of Spiders reaction, prepared to fight to the death.

He laughed and got another chest to hand us one of the letters.

Still unsure what happened, but confident that we knew who would know, we thanked the King of Spiders and left Eels End as fast as small feet can move.



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