This campaign will chronicle a group of Korvosan citizens and their rise to become Heroes of Korvosa. If you are planning to run this adventure path, BEWARE spoilers are abound further then this page.

Korvosa has been considered the edge of the wild frontier of Varisia. Founded by the Chelaxian government around 4407, the city has been through a lot of strife. Yet the people remain strong and defiant against those that would beat them down hence the reason Korvosa has been remained through its troubles. Unbeknownst to the Korvosans, great wars have been taking place nearby a millennia. One war in particular may shape the future to come, as the sleeping evil beneath Korvosa wait patiently for the day to rise.

The time has been anticipated by the gods. A time of turmoil and strife that Korvosa's citizens may not be able to solve alone is quickly arriving. The only thing that may save the city is a band of likely (and unlikely) heroes, who don't even know themselves the path that awaits.

Curse Of The Crimson Throne Pathfinder

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